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Adam (from the bible's Genesis) had a first wife - who is said to have been created before him by God. Her name was Lilith. She left him because she wanted independence and now is the basis for feminine vampiric/demonic folklore, and became established as Samael's (fallen archangel who now represents the demon of lust) mistress.

Lyrics are partially taken from ancient Hebrew text/vitas, circa 900 AD.
Further reference to Baba Yaga, Lady Midday, and Iranian folklore.


Why do the people talk so loud?
Imposing on my wicked shroud?
So gluttonous, hyena round -
I'm staying in but peering out

from the doorway of my house.

San Vi Sansanvi Wildebeast
objects to lying underneath.
And Gilgemesh's progeny
invades my dreams:
something's dripping from my mouth -
what's that sticking in my maw?
Something warm and sticky!

Her gates are gates of death
and from the entrance of the house
she sets out.
And none who enter there
will ever return home.
And all who possess her
descend to the pit.

Am I a megalomaniac
'cause my hut's got claws and
Alavici's father won't go lying on his back -
no match for my dentata
I could pluck out your eyes 'cause I'm carrying a scythe -
though you're toiling the field at midday.
And you sweat
'cause it's hot
test your luck
but one wrong answer and you're gone!

So read my runic rage!
For I am dancing until dawn!
And suffer my embrace:
A night hag who steals the children
I visit in their sleep
and make them think it's their own will
and my heraldic hear is formed of mud and filth.

I've sent my owls alight
and they always heed my advice.
For I was made from earth -
and was I made first?
Consult your Genesis
and keep a lock upon your spouse!

At the doorway of your house
From the doorway of your house
I am creeping like a mouse
to the doorway of your house!


from Lilith, released June 15, 2013
Music, lyrics, piano, vocals, percussion, synths - Julia Hatamyar

production by Julia



all rights reserved


Mary Of Egypt Flemington, New Jersey

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