Lone Sum / Hermit Age

by Mary Of Egypt

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(free) 05:26


released April 1, 2012

Greg Chudzik - string bass, bass guitar
Vivek Jayaraman - violin
Isabel Hagen - viola
Julia - piano, synths, voice, percussion
Rebecca Herman - cello
Zachary Piper - violin

all music and lyrics by Julia
Recorded, Mixed, Arranged by Julia
Mastered by Michael Reid

Cover art by Elisa Wouk Almino



all rights reserved


Mary Of Egypt Flemington, New Jersey

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Track Name: Mad(rigal)
I love him still, and always.
My love - a creeping trellis!
He maketh for me
these salamander's ways.

It's the same old story:
Wanting him to love me
Like tigers who devour me:
Ravage, and prey upon me!

Now he don't want to fester
(with brow sublime and tender!)
So striketh me with your ardor!
The richness of your anger!
Track Name: Luna
I'm frightened.
I'm floundering.
For I too have loved a mortal man.

It's dangerous!
You'd better hide your shining.

Heal me, heal me
Sunlit branches of you blossoming trees

You saw.

You wanderer.
Keep your love a-slumberin:
No passing lions to bury him.

Who knew the victory would cost us only silence!

Our Fortune,
No, she don't care what you think of her.
And she favors those displays of dignity and courage.
But she don't know,
No she can't see,
My larder
My larder's empty.

How dare he!
How dare he chase me into my despondent sleeping.
How dare you!
Be silver shining your artless and brazen majesty (waxing and waning), Luna.
Track Name: Etcetera, Karenina I
Take care, please take good care of all my heart.
My heart, seeping, surrounded with walls!

If you insist upon our love's reason to tether it:
You should know I've forgotten what that really means.

You go so sweetly,
I mourn so easily

Linger for a little while-
'ere I turn as stone, forever to the spot
Wither when we go a'wanderin-
We fly towards our separate ways

So push, so pull, until our precious stalemate
I can't help taking root here, my darling!

It festers, it no longer grows
And so, Ivan-esque we vainly go.
What's left to become, I don't know
But oh! How alone's to carry a heavy load
(my arms don't reach around).

Since when he died,
He took Mario with him.
Still I'm waiting here,
Reaching out with no hand to hold.
Oh but anger when forced to admit
that the captain goes down with his ship:
The storm's nothing to do with it!

Take care of your heart.
I'm lost without your pure heart.
(always and once again, I plead, I'm begging...)

Take care
It's all!
You have to turn inwards and bear it, my golden boy.
I doubt that you'll share it.

I know my heart,
Ceaseless in limerence.
When is enough enough?
Distance releasing of our love,
A love that's no longer in my hands.
Track Name: Etcetera, Karenina II
So, the lowly hunter's art will know just what to do
Seeking only sustenance he sees toward horizon
Angles and embellishments, polarities colliding
-With a breath- his trace will melt away a golden shining

I see you through my melody

I recall the island fox, so wary of the climbing
Rich the scents he'll lose while fast asleep in silver pining

I want to be your bed to lullaby in, but not to dream.
I want to be the perfect place somewhere in your memory.
Oh! How you capture your prey so easily!

For relinquishing your prize
A deliverance, an ordinary life.
And it's gleaming will illuminate:
Our freedom has the loneliest place!

I see you there, I see you:

There where the sunlight has left your hair!
There every moment in crevices that your sweet brow will bear!
There my caresses and faith in the eyes of a noble, beholden, golden heir!

Though these words will conjure up your terrors, cellars bare
With the storm has left my thirst for wandering

All the memories you'll make without me at your back
All the terrors and temptation turning vision black
Paling in comparison to consequence I know:
Of living without you, dear.
Hunting in my golden years!
As the years falling from me
Make immortal "patiently"

I see you through my melody
Track Name: Etcetera, Karenina III
Where are you go-
Where are you going, my little love?
I have no way of knowing.
You have forsaken me, forgotten, and alone
Still, I wake with you every morning.

Don't stop! Don't stop!
I've made my bed.
And I will lie in it.

For I am supple, prostrated, and prone
(I have been handed over)
Each spreading seed the silken thread of hangman's rope
(no weapons drawn and no bloodshed)

I'll take.
I'll take your metaphor of woman.
Track Name: Etcetera, Karenina IV
Down, go underground.
You close a door
the curtains, too.
Buried in your head -
Don't make a sound in there, where it's heartless, bare.

When are you gonna say my darlin'
When are you gonna stay
my darlin'

Make us writhe, anxieties.
Lie through my teeth dare I be speaking!
Shut inside, reclining next to me:
Envisioning a mystery all eternity!

Why not behave? obey! oh, body!
Wanting to see you love somebody, now.
I can't put my finger on, can't pin the real thing down
Does it make a sound?

When you've gone away from me
My true heart, like a child, will whine "abandoned"
Wonder if it still believes in true love?
Are the passions and the muses spent?

Or is it since you've gone away from me
Painful discrepancies feel damn naive?
Clothe them in an air of make-believe.
Just like a woman, I am asking for it

Find your beauty truly wondrous
Oh princely muse, my priestly Aramis
Seeing you with Anastasia's eyes
Her silent "cry, woman cry"
or "give it away!"
(If you find fault, then lacerate)

I'm down on my knees, I'll buck and I'll bray
We know our mistakes,
but never what to erase.
I touched the place where I lay languishing eyes upon!

And it was soft
and it was warm
I was afraid
wanted to pray a Miserere Nobis

All of the things I'm fortifying
make the head thick, the fortress iron
When are we gonna break,
or dying try?
I can't put my finger on
can't pin the real thing down
cause it's underground

Down, sick wicked man
Keep company with Judas
yearn to come alive, clad in a sheet
and late at night receive full the mysteries

There was a great white mountainous silent wind of your eyes!
Where is the light that's inside you, my darling?
Fighting to find and keep it alight-
For fear we've forsaken the kindling in our folly!

to be waiting for you in death!
Track Name: Cimarron
When I wake I am an island
Here I lie in golden sunlight
Which used to slant across your eyelids
Now the memory will keep me stranded

And I see our wreckage on the reef
Did I hear you calling out to me before we lost it?
And I feel my senses go dark upon your seas.
Was it me stopped rectifying me and you?

Still, I wait for your love!
Oh, be merciful!

A sweet vision of your visage visits me before I slumber
It makes me think that we were stronger
Or just brave enough to pry your mouth open!

And I feed the fire you lit in me
And I needed all you gave to me-
And more!
I feel myself toss about from waiting till I know

Was it you stopped rectifying me and you?
Track Name: Mad(rigal) II
Parumpum parumpum parumpum

My body is commodity
With pearlywhites for flash and gleam
Falalalala falalalala falala falalalala!
A happy woman all they need!

Parumpum falala etc

When venturing outside my keep
As sex-less will be never seen!
Falala falala falala

What a useless enterprise!

What a useless enterprise!

Pull the hair and smash the teeth
And plow the fields which nourish me.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha,
Ha ha ha
No longer laughing silently!